Photojournalist currently hanging out in Barrhead, Alberta.

More from the 13th annual Highridge Rodeo last weekend. It’s hard to believe this was my third year going.

Highridge Amateur Rodeo last weekend.

Highridge Amateur Rodeo last weekend.

Some from page pictures from the last few months.

Celebrating Canada Day in Barrhead.

Celebrating Canada Day in Barrhead.

Baseball is in full swing now, which is a good thing for me since I’m starting to get my fair share of practice when it comes to shooting it. Though apparently the majority of Barrhead’s teams are called the Orioles, which is a little confusing.

Here’s a glimpse of the Senior’s Pro Rodeo Barrhead hosted for the second year in a row.

Age was nothing more than a number to the group of competitors that came through for the competition, which hosted about 100 participants from all over Alberta, and some coming from as far as B.C, Saskatchewan, and the United States.

I was impressed with the seasoned cowboys and cowgirls, who showed they still have what it takes in barrel racing, ribbon roping, steer wrestling, team roping, breakaway roping, calf roping, ladies breakaway and yes, even bull riding.

The oldest competitor was Effie Simpson from Okotoks, who is still ribbon roping at the ripe old age of 79. Her partner, Jack Hicken from Stirling, isn’t too far behind at 78.

I think it’s a farm life thing.

Nothing like a high school track meet to make you feel old and unathletic!

Nothing like a high school track meet to make you feel old and unathletic!

Photo challenge week 4: Self portrait.

Left: Nichole- This year as a whole has been really hard for me. Lots of changes and new things happening. Whenever I get a spare moment, my sanctuary is my bed. It’s the most comfortable place that I know, and I can just lay down and let all my troubles slip away.

Right: Kelly- The last three weeks have been really challenging for me because of my current work situation. Next week everything will, theoretically, be back to normal and I will have a moment to breathe again. Now that I’m on the homestretch, it’s like I’m finally seeing the light at the end of this long, dark tunnel that has become my life. I came home after a particularly long day at the office and saw a warm and inviting patch of sunlight on the wall, which seemed fitting for my tunnel light.

I interrupted nap time in two goose families that were lounging on the shores of Thunder Lake. At first when I pulled up in my car I didn’t see the goslings, just two parents eying me suspiciously.

It wasn’t until I got out of my car I saw the little balls of yellow fluff peeking out from a nest. I tried to get a little closer before they took off, but all four of the parents promptly hissed at me before heading into the water with their youngsters and swimming to another part of shore.

Photo challenge week 3: From a low angle.

Left: Nichole- I took this photo because I am always in awe of nature. These trees are so tall and it makes me feel so tiny and insignificant. When I am in nature I feel happy, well…unless there are any form of insect or arachnid about. They give me the creeps.

Right: Kelly- Town workers have finally finished hanging flower baskets from the lampposts around town, a sign that spring will hopefully be moving into summer soon. Though the trees have basically sprung to life over the course of the last week week, a is a nice change from the sad, dead branches they have been sporting since last fall, the flowers are a nice splash of colour.